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About Evilution Agency

The Evilution Agency was launched in 2010 to present harder drum & bass, crossbreed, and breakcore.

The maker behind the Evilution Agency is Acriter.

The Evilution Agency relies on hard merciless sound.

The pun " Evilution " on behalf of the Agency also reflects the
development and fusion of Drum & Bass with other music genres in recent years.

Elements of Drum & Bass, Breakcore , Techno, Gabba , Punk / Metal are brought
together to this unique but also rousing uncompromising filth.

With the "Manhunt" event series and the world-famous "Therapy Session", in cooperation with Anger Management, the Evilution Agency has contributed to the harder Drum & Bass, Crossbreed and Breakcore scene in Germany.

With further event series, as the Subland Events and System Fracture events, the Evilution Agency will create a new platform for harder Drum and Bass, Crossbreed and Breakcore in Berlin.

 12435 Berlin / evilution-agency@gmx.de